The Science

Your body’s ecosystem is called your microbiome

The hundred trillion bacteria in the body of an adult human contain about 4 million distinct bacterial genes, 95% of them in the gut. This unique ecosystem in the gut is called the microbiome.

If you have a well-balanced and diverse microbiome in your gut, you will lead a healthy and happy life, free from digestive discomfort and even reduced cravings for bad stuff.

Emerging science is opening our eyes to a whole new approach towards wellness and prosperity. It’s called Probiotics.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria

You’ve heard about the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria, as they battle it out in our body, particularly in our gut. Healthy bacteria are called probiotics. That’s why yogurt has become so popular. And a whole generation of people have started taking probiotic supplements, which are so much more effective. But now researchers have identified specific strains of probiotics that are proving effective in weight management.

The active probiotic strain in Biosyntric® has demonstrated very positive effects on weight management. In animal experiments, it appears to suppress weight gain and body fat accumulation as well as lower blood glucose and total cholesterol levels. Initial human clinical studies demonstrated a decrease in the amount of body fat in those who consumed it.

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The scientific research demonstrating a link between gut microbiome and weight management is gaining strong momentum, as researchers are confirming the involvement of intestinal bacteria in obesity. We encourage you to learn more.


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