How ProSperity Probiotic Works

Bacterial genes outnumber human genes 100 to 1 in the gut, a place where the vagus nerve connects 100 million nerve cells to the base of the brain. What you consume triggers a host of events in your gut that affects your physiology.

Diet and lifestyle can diminish your microbiome.

There is also increasing evidence of how our “modern” diet is changing the makeup of our microbiome. For instance, processed foods, lack of biodiversity and other diet and lifestyle changes affect the makeup of the bacteria in our gut.

In fact, the bacteria that colonize in our gut influences our sense of taste, they can produce toxins to make us feel bad, and they can influence the quality of our mood. Even chronic diseases such as diabetes are being traced to changes in the microbiome.

And then there’s the effect of our over-use of antibiotics.

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