Biosyntric, the Active Probiotic in ProSperity

Biosyntric® is the first probiotic demonstrating a weight management effect

Many strains of probiotics are beneficial for digestion and immune function. But the active probiotic in ProSperity™ also appears to suppress weight gain and body fat accumulation. It is safe and does not produce any negative side effects. In fact, most people report a general feeling of “wellness” and feel “healthier” when taking Biosyntric®.*

It seems that our diet changes the makeup of our microbiome and that, in turn, affects the foods we crave, the way we feel and the way our body absorbs nutrients. It can become a vicious cycle. Or it can be as simple as changing our microbiome.

The active probiotic strain in Biosyntric® has demonstrated very positive effects on weight management. In animal experiments, it appears to suppress weight gain and body fat accumulation as well as lower blood glucose and total cholesterol levels. Initial human clinical studies demonstrated a decrease in the amount of body fat in those who consumed it.


ProSperity™ replenishes the bacteria linked to weight management.

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